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What does this late-night-inspired news show have in common with many financial reports? A quarterly release schedule. I directed and edited this episode of the Quarter Update, which was the variety series winner at the 39th College Television Awards.

Watch the episode here


Okie Tex Noah Frick-Alofs-0922.jpg

In a remote corner of Oklahoma, astronomers from around the world gather each year to experience some of the darkest skies in the country. Using Canon’s ME20F-SH specialized ultra low-light camera, this film captures the nocturnal narratives of these astronomers, bringing rare night skies to earthly audiences.

Watch the film here



Whenever a police chase hits the freeways of Southern California

Angelenos can't stop tuning in.  Combining NBC News and KNBC archival footage with expert interviews, this news package explores the dangers of televised police pursuits. 

Watch the story here

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